• Flora Blooms Monthly Subscription

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    Celebrate the best of every season with our Flower of the Month subscription program. Each month, our designers create original arrangements beautifully composed of in-season blooms. Simply choose the price and duration that best suits your needs to enjoy unique designs month after month.

    • Option for $75 or $150 per month subscriptions (plus tax)
    • Delivery is included. Deliveries are made the first Wednesday of each Month. 
    • Available in installments of three, six, or twelve consecutive months.
    Pleas note: Care instructions
    Immediately upon receiving your arrangement, check the water level and add water to fill the container to the top. Display in a cool location, away from direct sunlight, check water daily, complete water change every 3 days and remove any old blooms/foliage to keep your arrangement looking fresh and beautiful!