• Flora Blooms Weekly Subscription

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    Flora Design Studio weekly subscription services—a thoughtful gift for loved ones or an easy and elegant way to breathe fresh life into your home or office. Deliveries are scheduled weekly or monthly and designed to showcase the season's finest flower varieties.

    Explore the latest styles from the talented designers at Flora Design Studio. Our floral subscriptions are an opportunity to experience the most exceptional arrangements from our seasonal collections on a weekly basis. Simply choose an option above to enjoy exquisite designs week after week.

    • Option for $50, $75 or $125 per weekly subscriptions billed 4 weeks upfront (plus tax)
    • Arrangements will be selected by Flora Design Studio from our seasonal blooms and will change weekly.
    • Delivery is included. Deliveries will be made on Wednesdays for weekly subscriptions 

    Please note: Care instructions

    Immediately upon receiving your arrangement, check the water level and add water to fill the container to the top. Display in a cool location, away from direct sunlight, and add water daily.